Day 2 all finished, Another great day for the Roskill Swimming team. Results for the day as followed:
Session 2: Nemanya Markovich 1:39.69 PB 10yr Silver, Bianca Chan 1:42.48 9/u Gold, Laura Watts 1:39.66 PB 10yr Bronze, Daniel Kregting 31.30 PB 11yr Bronze, Bianca Chan 36.46 PB 9/u Gold,
Session 3: Bianca Chan 3:40.06 PB 9/u Gold, Ethan Stocks 1:21.27 PB 10yr Silver, Daniel Kregting 2:41.06 PB 12/u Silver.

Results Session 2:
100 Breaststroke Boys 10yr
Nemanya Markovich 1:39.69 PB Sliver, Ronald Liu 1:58.13
Kevin Zhang 1:31.49 PB, Andre Chan 1:32.96.
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 1:42.48 Gold, Olivia Jiang 1:53.72 PB 6th
Laura Watts 1:39.66 PB Bronze, Leah Crowie 1:50.91
400 IM Boys 12/u
Daniel Kregting 5:51.25 PB 4th, Andre Chan 6:02.85 PB 6th
50 Free Boys 9/u
Ashish Bavihal 42.99
Nemanya Markovich 33.95 PB 4th, Ethan Stocks 34.04 PB 5th
Daniel Kregting 31.30 PB Bronze
Kevin Zhang 30.26 PB 8th
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 36.46 PB Gold, Stella Johnson 38.83 PB 6th
Laura Watts 35.44 8th, Erin Veal 36.81 PB, Leah Crowie 38.19 PB

Session 3:
200 Breaststroke Boys 10yr
Nemanya Markovich 3:35.45 PB 5th
Andre Chan 3:14.11 PB
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 3:40.06 PB Gold
Laura Watts 3:33.83 PB 4th
100 Backstroke Boys 9/u
Ashish Bavihal 1:49.81
Ethan Stocks 1:21.27 PB Silver, Ronald Liu 1:41.88
Kevin Zhang 1:13.58 PB 6th
Girls 9/u
Stella Johnson 1:40.04 PB 8th
Alex Winn 1:21.05 PB
200 Fly Boys 12/u
Daniel Kregting 2:41.06 PB Sliver, Andre Chan 3:00.14 PB 6th, Jack Lee 3:14.63 PB 7th.

Awesome Job Team one more day to go.