Auckland Winter Champs 2019

On the weekend the Roskill Swim Team had a group of 22 Swimmers take part in the Auckland Winter Championships 2019.
The team did an awesome job getting 24 medals, with 9 Gold, 8 Silver, 7 Bronze.
The club also finished 9th overall in Auckland swim clubs.
The next big competitions coming up are AIMS games, NZ secondary schools and NZ SC Nationals.
Well done to all swimmers.

Auckland Juniors 2018 Session 4 & 5

Auckland Juniors 2018 all done for 2018, the Roskill team did an awesome job all weekend with racing. The Club finished 4th Overall in Auckland in points for clubs! Great Team effort.
Results as followed:
Medalist: Ethan Stocks 2:36.88 PB 10yr Silver 200 Free, Daniel Kregting 2:23.83 PB 11yr Gold, Ethan Stocks 38.99 10yr Bronze 50 Back, Daniel Kregting 2:47.23 PB 11yr Silver, Daniel Kregting 1:07.79 PB 11yr Silver, Bianca Chan 1:19.53 PB 9/u Silver, Ethan Stocks 2:49.89 PB 10yr Boys Gold, Ethan Stocks 37.68 PB 10yr Silver, Daniel Kregting 33.23 PB 11yr Gold, Bianca Chan 46.96 9/u Silver.

Session 4
200 Free 10yr Boys:
Ethan Stocks 2:36.88 PB Silver, Nemanya Markovich 2:48.58 PB 5th,
Daniel Kregting 2:23.83 PB Gold, Jack Lee 2.43.01 PB 7th
Kevin Zhang 2:23.88 PB 8th
Girls 10yr
Laura Watts 2:45.14 5th
50 Back Boys 10yr
Ethan Stocks 38.99 Bronze
Girls 11yr
Erin Veal 43.43 PB
Alex Winn 38.77
200 IM Boys 10yr
Nemanya Markovich 3:03.94 4th
Daniel Kregting 2:47.23 PB Silver
Kevin Zhang 2:43.38 PB 4th
Girls 10yr
Laura Watts 3:08.87 4th

Session 5
100 Free Boys 9/u
Ashish Bavihal 1:34.67 PB
Ethan Stocks 1:13.33 PB 4th, Nemanya Markovich 1:14.93 PB 6th
Daniel Kregting 1:07.79 PB Silver, Jack Lee 1:15.71
Kevin Zhang 1:06.74 PB
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 1:19.53 PB Silver, Olivia Jiang 1:27.28 PB 6th, Stella Johnson 1:27.63 PB 7th
Laura Watts 1:16.97 PB 6th, Erin Veal 1:21.96 PB, Leah Crowie 1:22.54 PB
200 Back Boys 10yr
Ethan Stocks 2:49.89 PB Gold
Andre Chan 2:51.49 PB
Girls 12yr
Alex Winn 2:52.46 PB 9th
50 Fly 10yr
Ethan Stocks 37.68 PB Silver, Nemanya Markovich 37.93 5th
Daniel Kregting 33.23 PB Gold, Jack Lee 38.84 PB
Kevin Zhang 34.94 PB, Andre Chan 36.52 PB
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 46.96 Silver.

A great effort from all swimmers, next meet is next weekend down in Hamilton.

Auckland Juniors 2018 Session 2 & 3

Day 2 all finished, Another great day for the Roskill Swimming team. Results for the day as followed:
Session 2: Nemanya Markovich 1:39.69 PB 10yr Silver, Bianca Chan 1:42.48 9/u Gold, Laura Watts 1:39.66 PB 10yr Bronze, Daniel Kregting 31.30 PB 11yr Bronze, Bianca Chan 36.46 PB 9/u Gold,
Session 3: Bianca Chan 3:40.06 PB 9/u Gold, Ethan Stocks 1:21.27 PB 10yr Silver, Daniel Kregting 2:41.06 PB 12/u Silver.

Results Session 2:
100 Breaststroke Boys 10yr
Nemanya Markovich 1:39.69 PB Sliver, Ronald Liu 1:58.13
Kevin Zhang 1:31.49 PB, Andre Chan 1:32.96.
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 1:42.48 Gold, Olivia Jiang 1:53.72 PB 6th
Laura Watts 1:39.66 PB Bronze, Leah Crowie 1:50.91
400 IM Boys 12/u
Daniel Kregting 5:51.25 PB 4th, Andre Chan 6:02.85 PB 6th
50 Free Boys 9/u
Ashish Bavihal 42.99
Nemanya Markovich 33.95 PB 4th, Ethan Stocks 34.04 PB 5th
Daniel Kregting 31.30 PB Bronze
Kevin Zhang 30.26 PB 8th
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 36.46 PB Gold, Stella Johnson 38.83 PB 6th
Laura Watts 35.44 8th, Erin Veal 36.81 PB, Leah Crowie 38.19 PB

Session 3:
200 Breaststroke Boys 10yr
Nemanya Markovich 3:35.45 PB 5th
Andre Chan 3:14.11 PB
Girls 9/u
Bianca Chan 3:40.06 PB Gold
Laura Watts 3:33.83 PB 4th
100 Backstroke Boys 9/u
Ashish Bavihal 1:49.81
Ethan Stocks 1:21.27 PB Silver, Ronald Liu 1:41.88
Kevin Zhang 1:13.58 PB 6th
Girls 9/u
Stella Johnson 1:40.04 PB 8th
Alex Winn 1:21.05 PB
200 Fly Boys 12/u
Daniel Kregting 2:41.06 PB Sliver, Andre Chan 3:00.14 PB 6th, Jack Lee 3:14.63 PB 7th.

Awesome Job Team one more day to go.

Auckland Juniors 2018 Session 1

Session 1 of Auckland Juniors has been and done. The Roskill Swim team getting off to a great start with 5 Medals!
Results as Followed:
Medalist: Daniel Kregting Gold 11yr 100 Fly, Ethan Stocks Bronze 10yr 100 Fly, Laura Watts Silver 10yr 100 Fly, Nemanya Markovich Bronze 10yr 50 Breast, Bianca Chan Gold 9/u 50 Breast.
100 Fly, 10yr Boys
Ethan Stocks 1:28.13 PB Bronze, Nemanya Markovich 1:30.35 PB 4th.
11yr Boys
Daniel Kregting 1:12.58 PB Gold, Jack Lee 1:25.98 PB 8th
12yr Boys
Andre Chan 1:26.35
10yr Girls
Laura Watts 1:25.60 PB Silver
400 Free 12/u Boys
Daniel Kregting 5:00.86 PB 4th
50 Breaststroke 10yr Boys
Nemanya Markovich 45.32 PB Bronze
12yr Boys
Kevin Zhang 41.92 PB, Andre Chan 43.93
9/u Girls
Bianca Chan 46.57 PB Gold, Olivia Jiang 51.13 PB 4th
10yr Girls
Laura Watts 48.36 4th

Great results by all swimmers, Session 2 starts 9am.

The Month That Was…..

The Roskill team had a busy November starting off with the 400s and 50s meet that was long but once again the swimmers swam well at this meet and the team got 35 LC PBs.
Then the Roskill team ran the Roskill level 3 that went great and had a good turn out, ran smoothly as normal thanks to all our great helpers. Our group of swimmers swam well, some being their first meet, with the team getting 14 PBs.
Then the Roskill team swam at the Level 1 on the weekend with a small group of 7 swimmers and this team got 15 LC PBs.
Our Next Meet is Auckland Juniors and we have a big team of 15 swimmers which is great and good luck to them all.

Level 2 27th October

Our Roskill swimmers took part in the seasons first long course level 2 meet on Saturday, with a team of 11 swimmers gaining 30+ personal best times over the course of the day! There were some outstanding swims in the 200 IM, Plus a great 100 Fly by Laura and a great 100 Back by Darlene. Awesome Work everyone!
Next meet is this weekend 400 & 50s meet.

Level 3 Sunday 28th October

Our Roskill swimmers smashed the Parnell Level 3 meet on Sunday, with our team of 10 swimmers gaining 37 personal best times over the course of the afternoon! A special congratulations to Erin Veal, Ella Selby and Mandy Zhang who all gained Level 2 times at this meet too! Awesome Work everyone!

Greerton Winter Champs 2017 Final Day

Last and final Day of racing. The Roskill had another 27 Pbs in the heats and another 4 Pbs in the finals.

Results in the Heats:

400 Free
Samantha M 4:41.98 PB, Alex D 4:59.75 PB, Matthew O 4:51.61 PB, Flynn O 4:28.35

50 Backstroke
Parry P 46.11 PB, Mackenzie W 41.03 PB, Andre C 43.32 PB, Darlene H 38.65 PB, Donia R 38.72 PB, Daniel K 39.08 PB, Kaiya B 33.32 PB, Vienna P 32.89 PB, Flynn O 30.06, Matthew S 30.05

100 Fly
Daniel K 1:26.60 PB, Lucy M 1:06.25

200 IM
Vienna P 2:50.81, Jessica H 2:47.02, Matthew O 2:41.75, Samantha M 2:33.78 PB

100 Breaststroke
Jessica H 1:27.50

50 Fly
Darlene H 40.12 PB, Parry P 47.41, Andre C 43.66 PB, Alex D 34.74 PB, Matthew O 33:33 PB, Samantha M 32.25, Matthew S 30.09,
Lucy M 29.91

200 Backstorke
Daniel K 2:53.81 PB, Kaiya B 2:35.92 PB, Vienna P 2:33.46 PB, Flynn O 2:24.85

100 Free
Donia R 1:11.63 PB, Alex D 1:09.47, Jessica H 1:09.44, Vienna P 1:09.62, Kaiya B 1:05.85 PB, Matthew O 1:04.26 PB, Lucy M 1:00.81,
Flynn O 58.63, Matthew S 59.12

Finals Results

50 Backstorke
Kaiya B 33:32, Vienna P 31:83 PB, Flynn O 31.10, Matthew S 30.36

100 Fly
Lucy M 1:06.18

200 IM
Samantha M 2:33.51 PB 2nd 16&O

100 Breaststroke
Jessica H 1:30.31

50 Fly
Lucy M 30.25, Samantha M 32.20

200 Backstroke
Kaiya B 2:39.42, Vienna P 2:38.75, Flynn O 2:22.15

100 Free
Kaiya B 1:04.46 PB, Lucy M 1:00.68

Awesome job by all swimmers, some great races to learn from and so many Pbs, now onto training camp!!

Greerton Winter Champs 2017, Record Broken

Greerton Champs 2017 Day 2 Finals.

Swim of the Night was Daniel K in the 400 IM unofficially breaking the Auckland 9&under Age Group record!!

Results for the night:

50 Breast
Jessica H 40.00.

200 Free
Lucy M 2:10.60

400 IM
Samantha M 5:20.69 PB, Daniel K 6:13.20 PB – AKR

50 Free
Lucy M 28.35

Awesome job by the team tonight, tomorrow and final heat session is at 9am.

Greerton Winter Champs Day 2

Day 2 Heats of Greerton Winters 2017 was another good session for the Roskill Team Getting 16 PBs,
One was our little Guy Andre Chan who did the 200 Fly for the first time.

Results for Session 2

100 IM Finals
Lucy M 1:09.78, Samantha M 1:12.50

50 Breast
Parry 48.9 PB, Andre C 47.37 PB, Darlene H 45.20 PB, Jessica H 40.29

200 Free
Daniel K 2:35.65 PB, Donia R 2:35.41 PB, Alex D 2:25.64 PB, Matt O 2:20.05 PB, Samantha M 2:14.96 PB, Matt S 2:11.28, Lucy M 2:11.42, Flynn O 2:07.88

100 Back
Jessica H 1:16.57, Kaiya B 1:15.07, Vienna P 1:13.53, Matthew S 1:06.23

200 Fly
Samantha M 2:33.14 2nd 16&O, Andre C 3:37.44 PB

50 Free
Parry P 38.2 PB, Andre C 37.02 PB, Mackenzie 34.31 PB, Darlene H 33.60 PB, Daniel K 33.28 PB, Donia R 33.31, Alex D 31.68, Kaiya B 31,
Matt O 29.46 PB, Vienna P 29.43, Lucy M 28.05, Flynn O 26.47, Matt S 26.47

200 Breast
Matt O 3:05.02 PB

Finals tonight Starts at 4:30pm and we have Lucy M in 200 Free, 50 Free and Jessica H 50 Breast, Samantha M 400 IM and Daniel K 400 IM.